The theme pattern of the Zhaojin logo takes the shape of a "mountain". The entire pattern is the corporate logo of a "semi-circular" shape, and it has four connotations:   

1. The overall pattern is the transformation of the gold element symbol "Au", representing that the Company's main business is the development of gold mining. The two characters of “Zhaojin” on the central triangle is the abbreviation of the Company. The overall pattern takes the shape of a "mountain", which is the first word of the Company's name and represents that the Company is located in the beautiful and rich Shandong Peninsula.

2. The triangle represents a gold mine, and the semicircle represents crisis-crossing roadway of different depths, implying that Zhaojin people are brave in innovation, mining inexhaustible golden treasure with diligence and wisdom.

3. The triangle represents a gold mountain, semicircular represents picking up both hands, signifying that Zhaojin people work together and unite as one to provide our customers with really pure gold produced with integrity and dedication.

4.The overall pattern is yellow (golden), from light to dense, until it forms pure gold in the triangle, symbolizing the fineness of gold and implying the Company’s corporate spirit of "pragmatism, innovation, integrity, and dedication".