• Zhaojin Nonferrous Mining Co., Ltd.

    Zhaojin Nonferrous Mining Co., Ltd.


    Zhaojin Nonferrous Mining Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Zhaojin Group Co., Ltd., a China Top 500 Enterprise, is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in the development of non-ferrous metal mining. Its main business is exploration and mining and metallurgy of iron, silver, copper, lead and zinc, vanadium, molybdenum and other non-ferrous metal mineral resources, with the registered capital of 120 million yuan.

    Zhaojin Nonferrous Mining Co., Ltd. insists on being dominated by the development of non-ferrous metal mining industry. It actively participates in the integration of industry resources and vigorously implements the strategy of resource expansion. Based in Shandong and facing the whole China, its business area has been continuously expanded and its development speed has been promoted in an all-round way with further increase of resource reserves. At present, it has 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries, that is, Hejing Zhaojin Nonferrous Mining Co., Ltd., Longhua County Haozheng Mining Co., Ltd. and Kaiying Co., Ltd., two holdings companies, that is, Zhaojin Nonferrous Baohua Mining Co., Ltd. and Chicheng County Mingzhu Mining Co., Ltd., and holds shares in six enterprises including Zhaojin Mining Co., Ltd., Sinotech Mineral Exploration Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Huixiang Yongjin Mining Co., Ltd., Hami Redstone Mining Co., Ltd., Jindu Zhaoyuan Gold & Gem Jewelry Palace Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhaojin Oriental Investment Co., Ltd. 

    In the future, Zhaojin Nonferrous Mining Co., Ltd. will insist on resource first, science and technology leading and management innovation, and continuously enhance its advantages in technology, cost and management. It will actively participate in the integration and development of non-ferrous metal mineral resources at home and abroad, and strive to achieve sustained profit growth, so as to become an influential mining company that integrates multi-metal, mining, selection and metallurgy in China.

    Address: No. 298 Zhaojin Road, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province

    Phone: 0535-8026055

    Fax: 0535-8211948

    Postcode: 265400