Talent Philosophy

Zhaojin Mining implements the talent strategy of "Introduction, Borrowing, Cultivation and Utilization", namely, management and technical professionals needed by the Company are mainly introduced from outside; 

scientific and technological research experts are mainly drawn from the outstanding external talent resources outside the organization; all kinds of skilled personnel as well as functional talents in the company management agencies are mainly internally cultivated through work shift, on-the-job placement and other forms. Zhaojin Mining gives full scope to and provides suitable posts for various types of talents.

  • Leading talents
    High level talent plan/Overseas talent introduction plan
  • Academic and technical leaders
    High level talent plan/Overseas talent introduction plan/Innovative team plan
  • Backbone talents
    Postdoctoral workstation/Training program for young backbones
  • Basic talents
    Mentoring of hundreds of masters to disciples/ “Golden seed” career development plan
Human resource management strategic

Talent selection mechanism, employee skill improvement, people-oriented, respect talents

  • Talent recruitment and selection mechanism
    To establish a scientific, efficient and process-oriented talent recruitment and selection mechanism, set up a "golden bench" that attracts all kinds of talents by building a step-by-step growth channel and form a team of excellent comprehensive quality, efficient work, and innovative ability through the training model of "using one batch, reserving one batch and training one batch".
  • "Gold handcuffs" type incentive and restraint mechanism
    To help our employees acquire the skills that match their job responsibilities and build a set of performance appraisal system which is scientific, effective, suitable for the actual situation of the enterprise and workable, set up a working target for every employee to make them clear about the relationship between performance and reward, fully affirm and recognize the performance and contribution of staff, and establish "gold handcuff" incentive and restraint mechanisms.
  • People-oriented and
    respect talents
    People-oriented and respect talents. Every manager should be able to: Through the management style of participation, encouragement, incentive and support, strive to create a working environment in which staff are able to give full play to their talents and get exercise and improvement; advocate spontaneous work and service concept, create a "golden parachute" for the safety and security of human resources so that every employee will have a sense of belonging in the organization and become integrated into the organization.